Family Films for adults and kids alike

My little boy, Charlie, who is 21 months, enjoys watching DVD’s! Thanks to my Dad, he now has a vast DVD collection and can chose what he would like on. On account of his great attention span, we can often watch whole films together.

Mummy the fibro warrior's family watching a film

Watching family films together means we get to nostalgically share our childhood memories with Charlie. It also means that I can rest and recharge my fibromyalgia spoons.

Therefore, I would like to share with you all my top 5 round up of family films to help you rest, recharge and recuperate!

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Top 5 family films

1. The Lion King

The Lion King is an absolute classic of a film and a complete throwback to my childhood and with this in mind I was so excited when my boy wanted to watch this film. As Timeout magazine put it, parents should ” expose them to the ageless joys of this animated classic.”

Family film the lion king

As a couple, we’ve always loved this film and my husband and I went to see the stage production of The Lion King, in London, which was magical. Now, as a family, we can watch it together.

Charlie choosing a film

Without doubt, there’s definitely more to keep the children entertained in the first half from the opening title sequence featuring the song ‘Circle of Life’ to ‘Just Can’t Wait to be King’ and the dramatic scene in the gorge.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film, it is about a lion family. Mufasa who is the king of the lions celebrates the birth of his son Simba, the future king. Be that as it may, Scar who is Mufasa’s brother is jealous of Simba as he is now pushed him down the pecking order. So, he tries to seek revenge and be king. Ultimately, Simba must battle his past to confront his future and determine his present.

2. The Jungle Book

Interesting, I can remember having the video of the original Jungle Book and thinking it was the best film ever. Fast forward to this year when my son wanted to watch it and I was a little disappointed with it. It was slow and the graphics were a bit lack lustre. When he asked to watch it, I thought to myself he wouldn’t like it because of the factors mentioned above. However, he proved me completely wrong and has watched it again and again. It is a particularly great film for rainy days!

family film the jungle book

Furthermore, Timeout magazine have ranked it number 35 in their list of top 50 family films. In this fast paced world I think I had forgotten that a much slower film can often be better.

Mummy the fibro warrior and her son watching the jungle book

For those of you with older children there is a remake of The Jungle Book. However, for now the original Jungle Book is more suitable for my little boy as the remake was quite scary.

3. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a fantastic kids film that can be enjoyed by adults too. It is a tale of 2 fish (A dad and a son) exploring the ocean when Nemo goes missing. The dad has to fight tooth and nail to get his son back and his son learns lots of valuable lessons along the way.

Because of this film, my child loves going to aquariums to see fish and has started to build more vocabulary.

Family film finding nemo

4. Shark Tale

Shark Tale is a funny film with an all star cast. It is a tale of Oscar the fish and Lenny the shark battling their demons to become happy in their lives.

It teaches the value of friendship, being your own person and knowing that friendship and love are super important.

We had to get some books from the local library too about sharks because he loves this film so much.

Family film shark tale

5. Ice Age

Ice age was one of those films, that much like the Ice Age, we have all forgotten about. It has been replaced with more action packed, brighter, funnier and exciting films. However, when I put this on for my little boy, I realised what a brilliant film it was. It has humour for adults and children to enjoy together, poignant moments, animals to keep the little one entertained and an all round great story.

family film ice age

For anyone who hasn’t seen this, it is about prehistoric animals that are trying to escape the Ice Age. Sid, the sloth, unfortunately gets left behind by his family and runs into Manny, the Mammoth, who purposefully is running away from everyone else. As they become travel companions, they help save a lost baby and attempt to return it to its people through triumphs and tribulations.

Other family film recommendations

I found this list particularly hard to do as there are so many films I enjoy such as Frozen, Encanto, Coco, Up and Inside Out. If you would like to explore more family films you can watch together Timeout magazine has a great feature on The 50 best family movies!

family film inside out

Mummy the Fibro Warrior Top Tip:

  1. Sit back and enjoy a family film together with your children. It’s a great excuse to relax, open some snacks and spend some time together as a family.

If there is one takeaway I’d like you all to remember today is that you aren’t lazy if you stick a film on for your children. You aren’t a bad mum if you allow your children to enjoy TV. You aren’t a failure if you stay in for the day and watch a film. I need you to know you are doing the best you can, your child/children love you just as you are and you are Mummy the Fibro Warrior.

Until next time,


p.s. What would your family film recommendations be? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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