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Tuesday 11th July 2023

Hi fellow fibro warriors,

Does anyone else wish they could live in their pyjamas and stay in bed all day? Sleep is fantastic and despite not feeling totally rested after it, due to the fibro and breastfeeding my little boy, seeing my bed sends love hearts shooting out of my eyes.

Last night, after putting my little boy to bed, I felt absolutely exhausted! I could barely get up from his bed after feeding him to sleep, could hardly keep my eyes open and felt as sick as a dog. I ambled downstairs to my husband and said “please look after me!”

Now, when my boy goes to bed this is the time my husband and I get to spent quality time together be that playing board games, watching Taskmaster, chatting or finding a good film and getting snuggled up with alcohol (him) or chocolate (me). So, even if I feel tired I often push through because I want to spend time with my husband and not waste the free evening we have got. However, last night I knew I just couldn’t. I told my husband I was going to lay in bed and read for a little bit and asked if he could make me a hot chocolate and warm up my hot water for me, which he kindly did. After 20 minutes, I knew enough was enough and I didn’t open my eyes again until 4 a.m. when my very excited toddler came bounding into the room.

Mummy the Fibro Warrior Top Tip:

  1. If you need to, just go to bed! The more sleep and healing rest you can get the better you will feel. All will not be lost in your relationship and you can spend quality time together another night. Sleep is Mummy the Fibro Warrior’s friend!

If there is one takeaway I would like you all to remember today is that sleep is one of the core elements to managing our fibromyalgia and chronic illnesses. Sleep is a chance for your body to rest and heal; even if we still feel like we have been hit by a truck the next day! It is still healing rest for our bodies, which we mummies desperately need. Head to that bed! I need you to know you are doing the best you can, your child/children love you and you are Mummy the Fibro Warrior.

Until next time,


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