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3 days a week spare

The other day, WordPress gave a writing prompt about how do you budget your money. I wondered how I could apply this to fibromyalgia and being a parent. This then led me to thinking about writing a post on how I budget my time as a parent with fibromyalgia. I am very lucky that my little boy has the 2 year funding which means he gets to go to nursery for 4 hours 3 days a week, since January 2024. This means I have 4 hours spare on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. At first, I was a little scared about how I would fill this time as being a stay at home mum is my full time job. I also very much dislike unstructured time and need plans and a structure. However I soon got into the swing of things. So, this is how I budget my time as a parent with fibromyalgia.

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A different activity each day


At the moment, there are 3 things that I really enjoy doing. One is sewing! This is a new hobby I have had since I got a sewing machine from my husband for Christmas. So far, I have made countless skirts, 3 dresses, a pair of pants, a pair of pyjama trousers, a pencil case and some trousers for Charlie. I absolutely adore making things.

A bardot handmade dress I made


My second hobby is training to be a peer supporter for breastfeeding with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. This is a course I have been doing since December 2023, in my own time, to help women who require assistance, knowledge and support with breastfeeding. I was so disheartened at all the posts I was seeing on Facebook where people weren’t getting the help and support they needed from health professionals that I knew I needed to do something.

certificate to say I passed a module on my breastfeeding course


My third hobby is writing this blog as a cathartic way to help my fibromyalgia and hopefully help other parents in a similar situation to myself. I either write a new post, work on my SEO, work on my socials or research key terms and other relevant blog related matters.

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Budgeting the days

With these three hobbies and interests in mind, what I do with each day is sped a day on each item. So, for example, this week I am working on my blog on the Monday, I am working on my breastfeeding course on Tuesday and on Wednesday I am at a sewing workshop; learning how to make a jumpsuit. I pace myself by using the Pomodoro technique, that I’ve discussed before, whereby I do 25 minutes on the activity and then have a 5 minute break doing another activity before returning. This helps me to stand up and stretch, get a drink, sharpen my mind, do bits of tidying and other jobs that I need to do. That way, each week I feel as if I have accomplished something, I give myself a routine which helps my anxiety and I am able to do all the activities I want to do. I feel rested, recuperated and in control of my fibromyalgia. Then the rest of the week is spent focussing on being the best parent I can be to my little boy! My favourite job in the world!

You are doing a great job as a parent

Mummy the Fibro Warrior Top Tip:

  1. Make time for activities that you want to do by budgeting your time wisely and working with the time you have.

If there is one takeaway I need you all to remember today is that your needs matter too, especially when you are a parent and especially when you have fibromyalgia. By budgeting your time and energy you can parent successfully with fibromyalgia. I need you to know you are doing the best you can, your child/children love you just as you are and you are Mummy the Fibro Warrior!

Until next time,


p.s. How do you budget your time effectively as a parent? What hobbies and interests do you like to do? Please let me know in the comments below!

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